Abd al-Hamid: Meaning of the Name

The name Abd al-Hamid is an Arabic name that means “servant of the Praiseworthy”. It is derived from the Arabic words ‘abd’, meaning ‘servant’, and ‘al-hamid’, meaning ‘the praiseworthy’. The name is often used as a title for someone who has achieved great success or is highly respected in their community.

Origin of the Name

The origin of the name Abd al-Hamid can be traced back to the Islamic faith. In Islam, Allah (God) is referred to as Al-Hamid, which means “the Praiseworthy”. Therefore, when someone takes on the name Abd al-Hamid, they are essentially declaring themselves to be a servant of Allah. This is a common practice among Muslims and is seen as a sign of respect and devotion.

Popularity of the Name

The name Abd al-Hamid has become increasingly popular in recent years. It is especially popular among Muslim families who want to honor their faith by giving their children names with religious significance. The name has also been adopted by people from other faiths who appreciate its spiritual connotations.

Famous People Named Abd al-Hamid

There have been several famous people throughout history who have borne the name Abd al-Hamid. One of the most notable was Sultan Abdul Hamid II, who ruled over the Ottoman Empire from 1876 to 1909. He was known for his strong leadership and his efforts to modernize and strengthen his empire during his reign.

Another famous person named Abd al-Hamid was Sheikh Abdul Hamid Kishk, an Egyptian scholar and preacher who was influential in spreading Islamic teachings throughout Egypt in the 20th century. He wrote numerous books on Islamic topics and was widely respected for his knowledge and wisdom.


The name Abd al-Hamid carries a lot of spiritual significance for those who bear it. It is a reminder that we are all servants of Allah and should strive to live our lives according to His will. The name has become increasingly popular in recent years due to its religious connotations and its association with some famous historical figures.

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