Abdulla – Meaning of the Name

The name Abdulla is a boy’s name of Arabic origin meaning “servant of God”. It is derived from the Arabic elements Abd, meaning “servant” and Allah, meaning “God”. The name is popular in Muslim countries and is also used by some non-Muslims.

History and Origin

The name Abdulla has its roots in the Arabic language. It is composed of two elements: Abd, which means “servant”, and Allah, which means “God”. The combination of these two words creates a powerful statement about one’s faith and devotion to God. The name has been used for centuries in Muslim countries as a way to express faith and loyalty to God.


Abdulla is a popular name in many Muslim countries, including Saudi Arabia, Egypt, Iraq, and Pakistan. It is also gaining popularity among non-Muslim families in the United States and other Western countries. In 2019, it was the 545th most popular boys’ name in the United States.

Famous People Named Abdulla

There are several famous people who have the name Abdulla. These include:

  • Abdulla Al Faisal – Saudi Arabian prince and businessman
  • Abdulla Al Ghurair – Emirati businessman
  • Abdulla Al Qahtani – Saudi Arabian footballer
  • Abdulla Pashew – Kurdish poet and writer

Variations of the Name

The name Abdulla can be spelled in various ways depending on the language or culture. Some common variations include Abdullah, Abdallah, Abdellah, Abdillah, Abdoullah, Abdoulaye, Abdelaziz, Abdulaziz, Abdelrahman, Abdulrahman, Abdelkader, Abdulqadir, and Abdulazim.

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