Adamou – Name Meaning

Adamou is a name of African origin, derived from the Arabic language. It is most commonly used in countries such as Nigeria and Cameroon. The name Adamou means “son of Adam” or “servant of God”. It is a popular name among Muslims, as it is associated with the first man created by God.

Origin and History

The name Adamou has its roots in the Arabic language, which was brought to Africa by Muslim traders and settlers. The name is derived from the Arabic word “adam”, which means “man” or “human being”. In Islamic tradition, Adam is considered to be the first human being created by God. As such, the name Adamou carries a strong spiritual significance.

The name Adamou has been used in Africa for centuries, but it only began to gain popularity in recent years. It is now one of the most common names in Nigeria and Cameroon, where it is often given to boys born into Muslim families.


Adamou is a popular name in many African countries, particularly Nigeria and Cameroon. According to data from the United Nations Population Division, it was the 8th most popular name for boys born in Nigeria in 2018. In Cameroon, it was the 11th most popular name for boys born that same year.

Variations of the Name

Adamou can also be spelled in various ways depending on the country or region where it is used. Some of these variations include Adamaou, Ademau, Adimu, and Adomu. All of these variations have the same meaning and pronunciation.

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