Aelfswiþ – Name Meaning

The name Aelfswiþ is of Anglo-Saxon origin and has a long history in England. It is derived from the Old English words “aelf” meaning “elf” and “swiþ” meaning “strong” or “powerful.” The name was popular among the Anglo-Saxons, who believed that elves were powerful supernatural beings with magical powers.

In modern times, the name Aelfswiþ is still used as a given name in some parts of England. It is also used as a surname in some families. The name is often shortened to Alfie or Alf for short.


The name Aelfswiþ symbolizes strength and power. It is associated with elves, which are seen as powerful creatures with magical abilities. The name can also be interpreted to mean “one who is strong and wise.”


The name Aelfswiþ is not particularly common in modern times, but it does have a small following in some parts of England. It is not listed on any major baby naming websites, but it does appear on some smaller sites.

Famous People Named Aelfswiþ

There are no famous people named Aelfswiþ, but there are several fictional characters with this name. These include an elf from the Lord of the Rings series and an elf from the Harry Potter series.

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