The Meaning of the Name Æthelwine

Æthelwine is an Old English name, derived from two elements: æðel, meaning “noble” or “nobility” and wine, meaning “friend”. Together, these two elements combine to form a name that means “noble friend”.

Origin of the Name Æthelwine

The name Æthelwine has its roots in Old English, which was spoken in England before the Norman Conquest of 1066. The language was heavily influenced by Germanic languages such as Old Norse and Old High German. It is believed that the name Æthelwine was first used in England during this period.

Popularity of the Name Æthelwine

The name Æthelwine is not particularly common today, but it does have a long history in England. During the Middle Ages, it was a popular name among Anglo-Saxon royalty and nobility. In fact, several kings of England bore the name, including King Æthelwine of East Anglia (died 869) and King Æthelwine of Wessex (died 902).

Variations of the Name Æthelwine

The name Æthelwine has several variations, including Aethelwulf, Aethelweard and Aethelred. These variations are all derived from the same root words as the original name.

Famous People Named Æthelwine

One famous person who bears the name Æthelwine is British actor Tom Hiddleston. He is best known for his roles in films such as Thor and The Avengers. Other notable people with this name include British politician Lord Aethelwulf of Kent (died 871) and English writer Aethelweard (flourished 9th century).

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