Agata – Name Meaning

Agata is a female given name of Greek origin, derived from the word “agathos” which means “good”. It is also associated with the Latin word “agape” which means “love”. Agata is a popular name in many countries, including Poland, Italy, and Spain.


The name Agata symbolizes goodness, love, and kindness. It is often associated with strong moral values and a sense of justice. People with this name are usually seen as reliable and trustworthy individuals who are always willing to help others.

Personality Traits

People named Agata tend to be compassionate and understanding. They are patient and have a great capacity for empathy. They are also very creative and enjoy expressing themselves through art or music. Agatas are usually independent thinkers who like to explore new ideas and concepts.

Famous People Named Agata

Some famous people named Agata include: Agata Kornhauser-Duda (Polish politician), Agata Buzek (Polish actress), Agata Muceniece (Latvian actress), and Agata Trzebuchowska (Polish actress).


Agata is a relatively popular name in many countries around the world. In Poland, it was the 15th most popular name for girls born in 2019. In Italy, it was the 39th most popular name for girls born in 2018. In Spain, it was the 48th most popular name for girls born in 2017.

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