Agnia – Name Meaning

Agnia is a feminine given name of Greek origin. It is derived from the Greek word “agnos”, which means “pure” or “holy”. The name Agnia has been used in various cultures throughout history, and it has many different meanings depending on the culture.

Meaning in Ancient Greece

In ancient Greece, Agnia was associated with purity and holiness. It was believed that those who bore this name were blessed with divine protection and guidance. The name was also associated with the goddess Athena, who was known for her wisdom and strength.

Meaning in Christianity

In Christianity, Agnia is often seen as a symbol of faith and devotion. It is believed that those who bear this name are blessed with an unwavering commitment to God and His teachings. This name is also associated with humility and obedience, as well as a strong sense of justice.

Meaning in Modern Times

Today, Agnia is still seen as a symbol of purity and holiness. It is often used as a reminder to stay true to one’s beliefs and values. Those who bear this name are thought to be wise and strong-willed individuals who are devoted to their faith.

By Ava Isabella Hartley

Ava Isabella Hartley is a renowned expert in the field of onomastics, the study of names and their meanings, with a particular focus on baby names. She holds a Master's degree in Linguistics from the University of Cambridge and has over 15 years of experience in the study of etymology, name trends, and cultural naming practices.

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