Agostinho – Name Meaning

Agostinho is a Portuguese name derived from the Latin word “Augustinus”, which means “great” or “venerable”. It is also related to the Spanish name Agustin and the Italian name Augusto. The name Agostinho is often given to boys in Portugal and other Portuguese-speaking countries.

The name Agostinho has a long history in Portugal, where it was first used during the Middle Ages. It was popularized by Saint Augustine of Hippo, a 4th century theologian and philosopher who was one of the most influential figures in Western Christianity. His teachings had a profound impact on the development of Christian thought and culture throughout Europe.

Agostinho is a strong and powerful name that conveys a sense of dignity and respect. It is associated with strength, wisdom, and leadership. People with this name are often seen as reliable, responsible, and hardworking individuals who strive for excellence in all they do.


The name Agostinho carries several symbolic meanings. In Portuguese culture, it symbolizes courage, strength, and determination. It can also represent faithfulness, loyalty, and trustworthiness. Additionally, it is associated with intelligence, knowledge, and wisdom.

In terms of numerology, the number 8 is associated with this name. This number symbolizes abundance, success, power, authority, and wealth. People with this name tend to be ambitious and driven individuals who are always striving for more.


Agostinho is a relatively common name in Portugal and other Portuguese-speaking countries. According to data from 2019, it was the 77th most popular male baby name in Portugal that year. It has been steadily increasing in popularity over the past few years.

In other parts of the world, Agostinho is not as widely used as it is in Portugal. However, it still has some recognition outside of its native country due to its association with Saint Augustine of Hippo.

By Ava Isabella Hartley

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