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Agripina is a female given name of Latin origin, derived from the Roman family name Agrippa. The name Agripina is composed of two elements: ager, meaning “field” or “land” and pina, meaning “to drink”. Together, these two elements form the meaning of the name Agripina: “one who drinks from the land”.

The name Agripina has been used in various cultures throughout history. In Ancient Rome, it was a popular name for women of noble birth. It was also used by early Christians as a symbol of faith and devotion to God. In modern times, the name Agripina is still popular in many countries around the world.


The symbolism associated with the name Agripina is one of strength and resilience. The combination of ager and pina suggests that those who bear this name are able to draw strength from their environment and use it to overcome any obstacles they may face. This symbolism can be seen in the life of Saint Agripina, a 4th century Christian martyr who refused to renounce her faith despite facing persecution.

The name Agripina also carries connotations of fertility and abundance. This is due to its association with the Roman goddess Ceres, who was believed to bring abundance and prosperity to those who worshipped her. As such, those who bear this name are often seen as being blessed with good fortune.


The popularity of the name Agripina has fluctuated over time. In recent years, it has become increasingly popular in many countries around the world. In 2020, it ranked among the top 500 most popular baby girl names in the United States.

In addition to its popularity as a given name, Agripina is also commonly used as a surname in some parts of Europe. It is particularly common in Italy, where it ranks among the top 100 most common surnames.

Famous People Named Agripina

There have been several notable people throughout history who have borne the name Agripina. These include:

  • Saint Agripina: A 4th century Christian martyr who refused to renounce her faith despite facing persecution.
  • Agrippina the Elder: A Roman noblewoman who was mother to Emperor Caligula.
  • Agrippina the Younger: Daughter of Germanicus and sister to Emperor Caligula; she was later married to Emperor Claudius.

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