Ajdin – Name Meaning

Ajdin is a name of Arabic origin, derived from the Arabic word “ajd” which means “greatness” or “power.” It is also related to the Hebrew name Adonai, meaning “Lord.” The name Ajdin is often used as a given name for boys in Muslim countries and communities.


The name Ajdin carries with it a sense of power and greatness. It symbolizes strength, courage, and leadership. It is also associated with wisdom and knowledge, as well as faithfulness and loyalty.


Ajdin is not a particularly popular name in the United States, but it is gaining in popularity among Muslim families. In 2018, it was the 1,845th most popular baby boy name in the United States according to Social Security Administration data.

Famous People Named Ajdin

There are no famous people named Ajdin at this time. However, there are several notable people who have the same first name spelled differently such as Aydin (Turkish singer), Adnan (Pakistani cricketer), and Adeen (Indian actor).

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