Aleksejs – Name Meaning

The name Aleksejs is of Slavic origin and is derived from the Greek name Alexander. It is a masculine given name that has been popular in Eastern Europe since the Middle Ages. The meaning of the name Aleksejs is “defender of men” or “protector of mankind”.

History and Origin

The name Aleksejs originated in the Slavic language, which was spoken by many people in Eastern Europe during the Middle Ages. It is derived from the Greek name Alexander, which means “defender of men” or “protector of mankind”. The name was popularized by Alexander the Great, who was a Macedonian king and conqueror in ancient Greece.

The name Aleksejs has been used as a given name in Eastern Europe since at least the 12th century. It was particularly popular among Russian nobility and royalty, and it remains a popular choice for parents today.


Aleksejs is a relatively common name in Eastern Europe, especially in Russia and other Slavic countries. According to data from 2018, it was the 5th most popular male name in Russia, with over 10,000 babies being given this name that year. It is also popular in other countries such as Latvia, Lithuania, Estonia, Belarus, Ukraine, and Poland.


The name Aleksejs can be spelled in various ways depending on the language or country where it is used. Some common variations include Aleksandrs (Latvian), Oleksandr (Ukrainian), Olexander (Belarusian), Alexsandr (Russian), and Alaksandar (Polish).

Famous People Named Aleksejs

There are several famous people who have borne the name Aleksejs throughout history. These include:

  • Aleksandr Pushkin, a Russian poet who is considered to be one of the greatest writers in Russian literature.
  • Aleksandr Solzhenitsyn, a Nobel Prize-winning Russian novelist and historian.
  • Aleksandr Kerensky, a Russian revolutionary leader who served as Prime Minister during the Russian Revolution.

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