Allannah – Name Meaning

Allannah is a name of Irish origin, derived from the Gaelic “ailin” meaning “little rock”. It is also sometimes spelled as Allana or Alana. The name has been popular in Ireland since the 19th century and is now gaining popularity in other parts of the world.


The name Allannah symbolizes strength and stability. It is associated with being strong-willed and determined, yet gentle and loving. The name can also be seen as a reminder to stay grounded and remain true to oneself.


Allannah has been steadily increasing in popularity over the past few years. In 2020, it was ranked #845 on the Social Security Administration’s list of most popular baby names in the United States. It is also popular in Canada, Australia, New Zealand, and England.

Famous People Named Allannah

There are several famous people who have the name Allannah, including: actress Allannah Myles; singer/songwriter Allannah Curran; model Allannah Walton; and Olympic swimmer Allannah Wilding.

Variations of the Name

The name Allannah can be shortened to Ali or Lana. Other variations include Alanna, Ailin, Aileen, and Alina.

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