Ambrož – Name Meaning

The name Ambrož is of Slavic origin and is derived from the Latin name Ambrosius, which means “immortal”. It is a popular name in Slovenia, Croatia, and other Slavic countries. The name Ambrož is often associated with strength, courage, and loyalty.

History and Origin

The name Ambrož has its roots in the Latin language. The Latin form of the name was Ambrosius, which was derived from the Greek word ambrotos, meaning “immortal”. This was a reference to the gods of ancient Greece who were believed to be immortal. In the Middle Ages, the name became popular among Christian families as a reference to Saint Ambrose, a 4th-century bishop of Milan who was later canonized by the Catholic Church.


The name Ambrož is quite popular in Slovenia and Croatia. According to data from 2018, it was the 11th most popular male name in Slovenia and the 15th most popular male name in Croatia. It is also common in other Slavic countries such as Serbia, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Montenegro, and Macedonia.

Famous People Named Ambrož

There are several famous people named Ambrož. These include Slovenian footballer Ambrož Čeh; Croatian actor Ambrož Bilić; Slovenian basketball player Ambrož Čopič; Slovenian politician Ambrož Čopič; and Slovenian singer Ambrož Škrubej.

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