Amine – Name Meaning

Amine is a name of Arabic origin, derived from the word “amīn” which means “trustworthy”. It is also used as a given name in many countries around the world, including France, Morocco, Algeria, Tunisia, and Egypt. The name has been popularized by several famous people, such as French actor Amine Naji and Moroccan singer Amine El Khalifi.

History and Origin

The name Amine is believed to have originated in the Middle East during the Islamic Golden Age. During this period, many names were derived from Arabic words that had positive connotations. The word “amīn” was one of these words and it was used to describe someone who was trustworthy and reliable. This meaning has been carried through to modern times and is still associated with the name Amine.


Amine is a relatively popular name in many parts of the world. In France, it is currently ranked as the 5th most popular male name for newborns. In Morocco, it is the 4th most popular male name. In Algeria, it is the 8th most popular male name. In Tunisia, it is the 10th most popular male name. And in Egypt, it is the 11th most popular male name.

Famous People Named Amine

There are several famous people who have been given the name Amine over the years. These include French actor Amine Naji, Moroccan singer Amine El Khalifi, Tunisian footballer Amine Harit, Algerian footballer Amine Aoudia, and Egyptian footballer Amine Chermiti.

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