Annunziato – Name Meaning

The name Annunziato is of Italian origin and is derived from the Latin word “annuntiare”, which means “to announce”. It is a masculine given name that has been used in Italy since the Middle Ages. The name is often associated with the Christian feast of the Annunciation, when the angel Gabriel announced to Mary that she would give birth to Jesus.

The name Annunziato is a popular choice for boys in Italy, where it ranks among the top 100 most popular names. It is also used in other countries such as Spain, Portugal, and France. In the United States, it is not as common but still has some presence.


The name Annunziato carries a strong religious symbolism due to its association with the Annunciation. It symbolizes faith and hope, as well as divine intervention in human affairs. It can also be seen as a reminder of God’s love and mercy.

In addition to its religious symbolism, the name Annunziato also carries connotations of joy and celebration. This is because it was traditionally given to children born on or around the feast day of the Annunciation. As such, it can be seen as a reminder of happy occasions and special moments.

Famous People Named Annunziato

There are several famous people who have borne the name Annunziato throughout history. These include:

  • Annunziato Conte – an Italian painter from the 16th century.
  • Annunziato Fabbri – an Italian sculptor from the 17th century.
  • Annunziato Mangone – an Italian composer from the 18th century.
  • Annunziato Rotondi – an Italian architect from the 19th century.


The name Annunziato carries strong religious symbolism due to its association with the Christian feast of the Annunciation. It also has connotations of joy and celebration, making it a fitting choice for those looking for a meaningful name for their child. Famous people who have borne this name include painters, sculptors, composers, and architects throughout history.

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