Antonijo – Name Meaning

The name Antonijo is of Latin origin and is derived from the Roman family name Antonius. It is a masculine given name that has been used in many countries throughout Europe, including Croatia, Slovenia, Serbia, and Bosnia. The meaning of the name is “priceless” or “invaluable”.

The popularity of the name Antonijo has grown over the years due to its strong association with several famous people. In Croatia, it is associated with the famous Croatian poet and writer Antun Gustav Matoš. In Slovenia, it is associated with the Slovenian philosopher and theologian Anton Trstenjak. In Serbia, it is associated with the Serbian politician and statesman Ante Marković.

The name Antonijo has a strong spiritual connotation as well. It is believed to be a symbol of strength and courage, as well as being an expression of faith in God. It also carries a sense of protection and security for those who bear it.

Variations of the Name

There are several variations of the name Antonijo that can be found in different languages. Some of these include:

  • Antonio: This is the Spanish version of the name.
  • Antonius: This is the Latin version of the name.
  • Antonios: This is the Greek version of the name.
  • Antoniu: This is the Romanian version of the name.
  • Antonija: This is a feminine form of the name.


The popularity of the name Antonijo varies from country to country. In some countries, such as Croatia and Slovenia, it is quite popular while in other countries it may not be as widely used. According to data from BabyCenter, it was ranked #1,845 in 2020 in terms of popularity in United States.

Famous People Named Antonijo

There are several famous people who have borne this name over time. These include:

  • Antun Gustav Matoš: He was a Croatian poet and writer who was born in 1873 and died in 1914.
  • Anton Trstenjak: He was a Slovenian philosopher and theologian who lived from 1883 to 1962.

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