Aritra – Name Meaning

Aritra is a Hindu name that has its roots in Sanskrit. It is derived from the word ‘arit’, which means ‘ray of light’. The name Aritra can be translated to mean ‘one who brings light’ or ‘illuminator’.

The name Aritra is often associated with the Hindu god Vishnu, who is known as the preserver and protector of the universe. He is said to bring light and knowledge to all living beings. This makes Aritra an appropriate name for someone who seeks to bring knowledge and enlightenment into their life.

Aritra is also a popular name among Bengalis, as it is one of the names of Lord Krishna. In this context, it symbolizes divine love and compassion. It also reflects the idea that one should strive to bring joy and happiness into the lives of others.


The symbolism behind the name Aritra is quite powerful. It represents a person who strives to bring light and knowledge into their life and into the lives of those around them. It also reflects a desire to spread joy and happiness wherever they go.

The name Aritra can also be seen as a reminder that we should always strive to be kind and compassionate towards others. We should seek to bring peace and harmony into our lives, rather than conflict or strife.

Personality Traits

People with the name Aritra tend to be creative, intelligent, and independent thinkers. They are often passionate about learning new things and exploring different cultures. They are also very intuitive and have strong problem-solving skills.

Aritras are usually very social people who enjoy spending time with friends and family. They are often generous with their time and resources, always willing to lend a helping hand when needed.

Overall, people with the name Aritra are highly motivated individuals who strive for excellence in all aspects of their life. They are driven by their desire to make a positive impact on the world around them.

By Ava Isabella Hartley

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