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Avinash is a Hindu name derived from the Sanskrit language. The literal meaning of Avinash is “indestructible” or “unconquerable”, making it an apt choice for parents looking to give their child a strong and powerful name.

The name Avinash has been popular in India for centuries, but has recently gained more attention in the Western world. It is often seen as a modern alternative to traditional Indian names such as Arjun or Ravi.


The symbolism behind the name Avinash is one of strength and resilience. It conveys the idea that no matter what life throws at you, you will remain unbreakable and unstoppable. This makes it an ideal choice for parents who want to instill confidence and courage in their children.

The name also carries spiritual connotations, as it is associated with Lord Vishnu, one of the most important gods in Hinduism. Vishnu is known as the preserver of the universe and is believed to be indestructible. By giving your child this name, you are symbolically connecting them to this powerful deity.


Avinash is a relatively uncommon name in the United States, but it has been gaining popularity in recent years. In 2019, it was ranked #4,845 on the Social Security Administration’s list of most popular baby names. This makes it a unique choice for parents looking for something different.

In India, however, Avinash is much more common. It is currently ranked #1,919 on the list of most popular baby names in India. This makes it a great option for parents looking to honor their Indian heritage.

Famous People Named Avinash

There are several famous people who have been given the name Avinash:

  • Avinash Tiwary, an Indian actor best known for his roles in films such as Laila Majnu and The Girl on the Train.
  • Avinash Dixit, an Indian-American economist who won the Nobel Prize in Economics in 2020.
  • Avinash Kaur, an Indian singer-songwriter who has released several successful albums.


Avinash is a strong and powerful name with deep spiritual connotations. It conveys the idea that no matter what life throws at you, you will remain unbreakable and unstoppable. While it may not be as popular as some other Indian names, it is still a great choice for parents looking to honor their heritage while giving their child a unique and meaningful name.

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