Beatrise – Name Meaning

The name Beatrise is of Latin origin and is a combination of two words: beatus, meaning “blessed” or “happy”, and rīsus, meaning “laughter”. Together, the two words form a beautiful name that conveys joy and happiness.

Beatrise is a feminine name that has been used in various cultures throughout history. In Latin, it was used as a given name for girls born during the Roman Empire. In the Middle Ages, it was popular among French families as a first or middle name. It has also been used in English-speaking countries since the 19th century.

The name Beatrise is associated with many positive qualities such as joyfulness, optimism, and cheerfulness. It can also be seen as an expression of faith and hope in difficult times. People with this name are often seen as being kind-hearted and generous.


The name Beatrise is symbolic of joy and happiness. It is often seen as a reminder to stay positive even when faced with adversity. The combination of beatus and rīsus also suggests that laughter can be a powerful tool for overcoming difficult situations.

The name Beatrise can also be seen as an expression of faith in God. The Latin root word beatus means “blessed” or “happy”, which implies that those who bear this name have been blessed by God with joy and happiness.


The name Beatrise is not particularly common in the United States but has become more popular in recent years. According to Social Security Administration data from 2019, there were only about 100 babies given the name Beatrise in the United States that year. However, it is more popular in other countries such as France where it ranked at number 545 on the list of most popular baby names in 2018.

Famous People Named Beatrise

There are no famous people named Beatrise but there are some notable people who share this unique name. One example is Beatrice de Cardi (1908-1996), an archaeologist who made significant contributions to the field of archaeology in Britain during her lifetime.

Another example is Beatrice Lillie (1894-1989), a Canadian-born actress who was known for her comedic performances on stage and screen. She was also an accomplished singer and dancer who performed on Broadway and London’s West End.

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