Benayahu – Name Meaning

The name Benayahu is of Hebrew origin and is derived from the words “ben” meaning “son” and “Yahweh”, which is another name for God. The name Benayahu can be translated to mean “son of Yahweh” or “belonging to Yahweh”. It is a popular name in Israel and has been used by many prominent figures throughout history.

In the Bible, Benayahu was the son of Jehoiada, who was a priest in the court of King David. He was known for his bravery and loyalty to the king, and he was appointed as commander of the army by King David. He also served as an advisor to King Solomon.

The name Benayahu has been used by several notable people throughout history, including a Jewish philosopher from the 12th century, a 16th century rabbi, and a 19th century rabbi. In modern times, it is still a popular name in Israel.


The name Benayahu carries with it a sense of strength and courage. It symbolizes faithfulness to God and loyalty to one’s family and friends. It also represents wisdom and knowledge, as well as leadership qualities.

Benayahu is also associated with protection and security. It can be seen as a reminder that God will always be there to protect us from harm.


The name Benayahu is not particularly common in the United States but is more popular in Israel. According to data from the Social Security Administration, it ranked at #1,845 in 2019 for baby boys born in the United States.

In Israel, however, it is much more popular. According to data from the Central Bureau of Statistics, it ranked at #37 in 2018 for baby boys born in Israel.

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