Bendiks – Name Meaning

The name Bendiks is of Scandinavian origin and is derived from the Old Norse personal name Bendikr. The meaning of the name is “blessed” or “favored by God”. It is a popular name in Norway, Denmark, and Sweden.

Bendiks is a strong and powerful name that conveys a sense of strength and courage. It has been used as a given name since the Middle Ages and was popularized in the 19th century. The name has been used for both boys and girls, although it is more commonly given to boys.


The origin of the name Bendiks can be traced back to Old Norse. The root word bend means “blessed” or “favored by God”. This was combined with the suffix -ikr which means “son of” or “descendant of” to create the personal name Bendikr.


Bendiks is a popular name in Scandinavia, particularly in Norway, Denmark, and Sweden. In Norway, it was the 39th most popular male name in 2019. In Denmark, it was the 44th most popular male name in 2019. In Sweden, it was the 48th most popular male name in 2019.

Famous People Named Bendiks

There are several famous people who have been given the name Bendiks. These include:

  • Bendiks Skaarup (1890-1962), Norwegian politician
  • Bendiks Høgset (born 1988), Norwegian footballer
  • Bendiks Eide (born 1991), Norwegian footballer
  • Bendiks Byklum (born 1994), Norwegian musician

Variations of the Name

Variations of the name Bendiks include: Benkis, Benkiz, Benkizs, Benkizsz, Benkiksz, Benkikszsz.

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