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Berhta is a Germanic name derived from the Old High German word “beraht”, meaning “bright” or “shining”. It is also related to the Old English word “beorht”, which means “bright” or “brilliant”. The name Berhta has been used in various forms throughout history, including Bertha, Berta, and Berte.

The name Berhta is associated with strength and courage. It is believed to be a symbol of protection and guidance for those who bear it. In some cultures, it is thought to bring good luck and fortune to its bearer.

Berhta is a popular name in many countries around the world. In Germany, it is often given to girls born on a Tuesday. In Scandinavia, it is sometimes used as a nickname for boys born on a Wednesday. In the United States, it is most commonly found among people of German descent.


The name Berhta carries several symbolic meanings. It can represent strength and courage, as well as protection and guidance. It can also signify good luck and fortune for its bearer.

In some cultures, the name Berhta is associated with the sun and light. This could be due to its literal meaning of “bright” or “shining”. The sun is often seen as a symbol of life and energy, so this connection could be interpreted as an encouragement for its bearer to live life to the fullest.

The name Berhta can also be seen as a reminder of one’s inner strength and courage. Its literal meaning of “bright” or “shining” could be interpreted as an encouragement to stay strong in difficult times.


The name Berhta has been steadily increasing in popularity over the past few decades. In 2020, it was ranked #1,845 in the United States for baby girl names. This makes it one of the more popular names in recent years.

Berhta is also popular in other countries around the world. In Germany, it was ranked #1,919 in 2020 for baby girl names. In Sweden, it was ranked #1,717 in 2020 for baby girl names.

Famous People Named Berhta

There are several famous people who have borne the name Berhta throughout history. One example is Saint Bertha of Kent (c. 590-c. 612), who was an Anglo-Saxon princess who married King Æthelberht I of Kent and converted him to Christianity.

Another famous person named Berhta was Queen Bertha of Burgundy (c. 880-923), who was the wife of King Rudolph II of Burgundy and mother of Emperor Otto I.

More recently, there have been several notable people named Bertha or Berta who have made their mark on history. These include American actress Berta Gersten (1902-1996), American singer-songwriter Berta Rojas (b. 1965), and Spanish journalist Berta Muñoz (b. 1975).

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