What Does the Name Blas Mean?

The name Blas is of Spanish origin and is derived from the Latin word “Blasius”, which means “stammerer”. It is a masculine given name that has been used in Spain since the Middle Ages. The name is also found in other countries such as Portugal, Mexico, and the Philippines.

History of the Name Blas

The name Blas has its roots in ancient Roman times. It was first used as a personal name by the Roman Emperor Claudius II, who reigned from 268 to 270 AD. The name was then adopted by Christians during the Middle Ages and became popular throughout Europe. In Spain, it was especially popular among royalty and nobility.

In modern times, the name Blas has become more widespread due to its use in literature and film. It has been featured in works such as Miguel de Cervantes’ Don Quixote and Pedro Calderón de la Barca’s Life Is a Dream. It has also been used in films such as The Mask of Zorro and The Three Musketeers.

Popularity of the Name Blas

The name Blas is not particularly common in the United States, but it does have some presence there. According to Social Security Administration data, it ranked at #7,845 for boys born in 2019. This makes it one of the less popular names for boys in America.

In other countries, however, the name is much more popular. In Spain, it ranked at #37 for boys born in 2019. In Mexico, it ranked at #51 for boys born that same year. In Portugal, it ranked at #90 for boys born in 2019.

Famous People Named Blas

There are several famous people who bear the name Blas:

  • Blas Infante: A Spanish politician who fought for autonomy for Andalusia.
  • Blas de Lezo: A Spanish admiral who fought against British forces during the War of Jenkins’ Ear.
  • Blas Roca Calderio: A Cuban revolutionary leader who served as Prime Minister from 1959 to 1976.
  • Blas Armando Giacomotti: An Argentine footballer who played for several clubs including Boca Juniors and River Plate.

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