Bolormaa – Name Meaning

The name Bolormaa is of Mongolian origin and is derived from the Mongolian word “bolor”, which means “eternal”. The name Bolormaa is often given to girls in Mongolia as a sign of respect and admiration for their strength and resilience.

History and Origin

The name Bolormaa has its roots in the ancient Mongolian culture. It was first used by the nomadic tribes of Mongolia who were known for their strength and courage. The name was also used by the rulers of the Mongol Empire, which was one of the largest empires in history. The name Bolormaa was also used by Genghis Khan, who was one of the most powerful rulers of the Mongol Empire.


The name Bolormaa is not very popular in the United States, but it is gaining popularity in other parts of the world. In Mongolia, it is a very popular name for girls and is often seen as a sign of strength and resilience. It is also becoming more popular in other countries such as Russia, China, and India.

Famous People with the Name

There are several famous people with the name Bolormaa, including:

  • Bolormaa Enkhbayar – Former Prime Minister of Mongolia
  • Bolormaa Tsogtbaatar – Mongolian politician
  • Bolormaa Jargalsaikhan – Mongolian singer-songwriter

Meaning Behind the Name

The meaning behind the name Bolormaa is that it symbolizes strength and resilience. It is often given to girls as a sign of respect and admiration for their courage and determination. The name can also be seen as a reminder to stay strong no matter what life throws at you.

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