What Does the Name Bonifacy Mean?

The name Bonifacy is of Latin origin and means “good faith”. It is a combination of two words, “bonus” meaning good and “fides” meaning faith. The name is often used as a male given name, but can also be used as a surname.

History of the Name

The name Bonifacy has been around since at least the 16th century. It was popularized by Saint Boniface, who was an 8th-century English missionary to Germany. He was known for his work in converting Germanic tribes to Christianity and for his efforts in establishing the Roman Catholic Church in Germany. His feast day is celebrated on June 5th.

The name Bonifacy has also been used in literature, most notably by William Shakespeare in his play “The Merchant of Venice”. In this play, one of the characters is named Boniface, who is described as being a kind and generous man.

Popularity of the Name

The name Bonifacy is not particularly common today, but it does have some popularity in certain countries. In Poland, it is ranked as the 645th most popular male given name. In France, it is ranked as the 1,837th most popular male given name. In the United States, it is not currently listed among the top 1,000 most popular male given names.

Variations of the Name

There are several variations of the name Bonifacy that are used in different languages and cultures. Some of these include: Bonifazio (Italian), Bonifacio (Spanish), Bonifatius (German), and Bonyfas (Hungarian).

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