Byeong-Ho: Name Meaning

Byeong-Ho is a Korean name that has been used for centuries. The literal meaning of the name is “bright and shining” or “illuminated”. It is often associated with intelligence, wisdom, and knowledge.

The name Byeong-Ho is derived from two Chinese characters: 炳 (bìng) and 豪 (háo). The character 炳 (bìng) means “bright” or “illuminated” while the character 豪 (háo) means “heroic” or “strong”. Together, these two characters form the name Byeong-Ho which can be translated to mean “bright and heroic”.

In Korean culture, Byeong-Ho is seen as a strong and noble name. It is often given to boys who are expected to grow up to be wise and courageous leaders. The name also carries a sense of responsibility and respectability.


The symbolism behind the name Byeong-Ho is quite powerful. It symbolizes strength, courage, wisdom, and knowledge. It also represents a person who is willing to take on challenges and strive for success.

The name Byeong-Ho can also be interpreted as a reminder to stay humble in the face of success. It encourages people to use their knowledge and skills to help others rather than just focusing on their own personal gain.


Byeong-Ho is not a particularly popular name in Korea but it does have some recognition among older generations. It is more commonly found among families with traditional values who want their children to embody the qualities associated with the name.

In recent years, however, the popularity of Byeong-Ho has grown significantly due to its positive connotations. Many parents now choose this name for their sons because they believe it will bring good luck and fortune.

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