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Ahriman is a name of Persian origin, derived from the ancient Zoroastrian religion. The name Ahriman is derived from the Avestan language and means “destructive spirit” or “evil spirit”. In Zoroastrianism, Ahriman is the personification of evil and darkness, and is opposed to Ahura Mazda, the god of light and goodness.

In Zoroastrianism, Ahriman is believed to be the source of all evil in the world. He is said to have created a host of demons and monsters that plague humanity. He is also responsible for causing sickness, death, and destruction. Ahriman is often depicted as a dark figure with horns and claws.

The name Ahriman has been used throughout history in various cultures. In some cultures, it was used as a personal name for boys. In other cultures, it was used as an epithet for evil spirits or demons. It has also been used as a title for powerful rulers or leaders.


The name Ahriman carries a lot of symbolism with it. As mentioned above, it symbolizes evil and darkness. It can also represent chaos and destruction. Additionally, it can symbolize fear and dread.

Ahriman is often associated with death and destruction. He is seen as a force that brings about suffering and pain in the world. He is also seen as an enemy of life and goodness.

Ahriman can also represent power and strength. He is seen as an unstoppable force that cannot be defeated by any mortal being. This makes him a powerful symbol of fear and intimidation.


The name Ahriman carries a lot of meaning with it. It symbolizes evil, darkness, chaos, destruction, fear, dread, death, power, and strength. It has been used throughout history in various cultures as both a personal name for boys and an epithet for evil spirits or demons.

No matter what culture you come from or what your beliefs are, the name Ahriman will always carry with it a sense of dread and fear. It serves as a reminder that there are forces in this world that are beyond our control.

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