Ailsa – Name Meaning

Ailsa is a Scottish name derived from the Old Norse Ailsa Craig, an island off the coast of Scotland. The name means “island of God” or “God’s island” and is believed to have been given to the island by the Vikings who settled there in the 9th century. It has been used as a given name since at least the 19th century.

The name Ailsa is often associated with strength and independence. It can also be seen as a symbol of protection and safety, as it was once believed that no one could harm anyone on Ailsa Craig. This makes it a great choice for parents looking for a strong and meaningful name for their child.


Ailsa is not a particularly popular name in the United States, but it does appear on the Social Security Administration’s list of top 1,000 baby names. In 2019, it ranked #945 on the list, with only about 100 babies being given this name each year.

In Scotland, however, Ailsa is much more popular. It was the 39th most popular girls’ name in Scotland in 2018, with over 500 babies being given this name that year.

Famous People Named Ailsa

There are several famous people who have been given the name Ailsa:

  • Ailsa McKay (1947-2014), Scottish economist and professor
  • Ailsa Chang (born 1982), American radio journalist
  • Ailsa Craig (1890-1962), British actress

Variations of Ailsa

The name Ailsa can also be spelled in various ways, including Elsie, Alisa, Allisa, Alysa, and Eliza. There are also some variations of the spelling that are more common outside of Scotland, such as Elsa and Elsia.

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