Aldin – Name Meaning

Aldin is a name of Germanic origin, derived from the Old High German words “ald” and “win”. The literal translation of the name is “old friend” or “old protector”. It is also sometimes spelled Aldwin or Aldwyn.

History and Origin

The name Aldin has been in use since at least the Middle Ages, when it was popular among Germanic peoples. It was used as both a given name and a surname, and was often associated with nobility. In some cases, it may have been used to denote someone who had served in a royal court.

In modern times, the name Aldin is still popular in Germany and other parts of Europe. It is also gaining popularity in the United States, where it is seen as an alternative to more traditional names such as Alfred or Alvin.


Aldin is not currently among the top 1000 most popular baby names in the United States. However, it has seen a steady increase in popularity over the past few years, suggesting that it may soon become more widely used.

In Germany, Aldin is much more popular than it is in the United States. It currently ranks as the 545th most popular baby name in Germany.

Famous People Named Aldin

There are several famous people who bear the name Aldin:

  • Aldin Ayo, Filipino basketball coach
  • Aldin Kajević, Bosnian footballer
  • Aldin Ćosić, Bosnian basketball player

Variations of the Name

The name Aldin can be shortened to Al or Din for a nickname. Other variations of the name include Alden, Aldwin, and Aldwyn.

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