The Meaning of the Name Alexandra

Alexandra is a feminine given name derived from the Greek name Alexandros, which means “defender of men”. It is also associated with the Greek word alexein, which means “to ward off or to protect”. The name has been popular in Europe since the Middle Ages and is still widely used today.

History and Origin

The origin of the name Alexandra dates back to ancient Greece, where it was first used as a male name. It was later adopted by the Romans and became popular among both genders. In the Middle Ages, it was mainly used as a female name, although it was occasionally given to boys as well.

In modern times, Alexandra has become one of the most popular names for girls in many countries around the world. It is especially popular in Russia, where it is often shortened to Sasha or Sashenka. In other countries, such as France and Germany, it is sometimes spelled Alexandre or Alexander.


Alexandra has been consistently popular throughout history and remains one of the most popular names for girls today. According to Social Security Administration data from 2019, Alexandra was ranked as the 44th most popular name for baby girls in the United States.

It is also popular in other countries around the world, including Canada (ranked 28th), Australia (ranked 24th), England (ranked 32nd), Scotland (ranked 25th), Ireland (ranked 33rd), and New Zealand (ranked 22nd).

Famous People Named Alexandra

There are many famous people who have borne the name Alexandra over the years. Some notable examples include:

  • Alexandra Feodorovna Romanova, Empress of Russia from 1894-1917;
  • Alexandra David-Néel, French explorer and writer;
  • Alexandra Kosteniuk, Russian chess grandmaster;
  • Alexandra Daddario, American actress;
  • Alexandra Breckenridge, American actress;
  • Alexandra Shipp, American actress;


The name Alexandra has a long and rich history that dates back to ancient Greece. It has remained consistently popular throughout history and continues to be one of the most popular names for baby girls today. Famous people named Alexandra include Empress Alexandra Feodorovna Romanova, explorer Alexandra David-Néel, chess grandmaster Alexandra Kosteniuk, and actresses Alexandra Daddario, Alexandra Breckenridge, and Alexandra Shipp.

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