Alexandre – Name Meaning

The name Alexandre is a French form of the Greek name Alexander, which means “defender of men”. It is derived from the Greek words alexein, meaning “to defend” and aner, meaning “man”. The name has been popular throughout Europe since the Middle Ages and is still widely used today.

History and Origin

The name Alexandre was first recorded in France in the 12th century. It was popularized by the French king Louis IX, who was known as Saint Louis. He was born in 1214 and reigned until his death in 1270. During his reign, he established many religious institutions and was canonized by Pope Boniface VIII in 1297.

The name Alexandre spread to other parts of Europe during the Middle Ages. It became popular in England during the 16th century when it was introduced by French settlers. In Scotland, it was adopted by the royal family in the 17th century.


Alexandre is a very popular name throughout Europe and North America. In France, it is one of the top 10 most popular names for boys. In the United States, it ranks at number 545 on the list of most popular baby names for boys.

Famous People Named Alexandre

There are many famous people with the name Alexandre, including:

  • Alexandre Dumas (1802-1870), French author best known for writing The Three Musketeers
  • Alexandre Desplat (born 1961), French film composer
  • Alexandre Pato (born 1989), Brazilian footballer
  • Alexandre Lacazette (born 1991), French footballer

Variations of the Name

The name Alexandre can also be spelled as Alexander or Alexis. Other variations include Aleksandr, Alessandro, Alexsandr, Alejandro, and Alastair.

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