Alfríkr – Name Meaning

Alfríkr is a Norse name that has been used in Scandinavia since the Viking Age. The name is derived from the Old Norse words alfr, meaning “elf” and ríkr, meaning “king” or “ruler”. It is believed to have been used as a title for a powerful ruler or leader.

The name Alfríkr was popularized by the legendary Viking king Ragnar Lodbrok, who was known as Alfríkr in some sources. He was a powerful ruler of Denmark and Sweden during the 9th century and is remembered for his many battles against the Franks and other enemies of the Vikings.

The name Alfríkr has been used in Scandinavia since at least the 12th century. It was also used in England during the Middle Ages, where it was spelled Alfric or Aelfric. In modern times, it is still used in Scandinavia, particularly in Norway and Sweden.


The name Alfríkr carries with it a sense of power and strength. It symbolizes leadership and courage, as well as wisdom and intelligence. It can also be seen as a reminder of one’s heritage and roots.

In Norse mythology, elves were seen as wise and powerful beings who could bring luck to those they favored. As such, the name Alfríkr can be seen as a reminder of one’s connection to their ancestors and their culture.


The name Alfríkr is not particularly common today, but it does have some popularity in Scandinavia. In Norway, it ranked #1,845 on the list of most popular names in 2019. In Sweden, it ranked #1,919 on the same list.

Despite its relative rarity today, the name Alfríkr still carries with it an air of strength and power that makes it an attractive choice for parents looking for a unique yet meaningful name for their child.

By Ava Isabella Hartley

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