Altair – Name Meaning

Altair is a name of Arabic origin, derived from the Arabic phrase “al-nasr al-tair” which translates to “the flying eagle.” The name Altair is often associated with strength and power, as it is believed to be the brightest star in the constellation Aquila, or the Eagle. It is also one of the stars that make up the Summer Triangle, along with Vega and Deneb.

In astrology, Altair is associated with ambition, courage, and determination. People with this name are said to be independent and strong-willed, but also have a great capacity for love and compassion. They are often seen as natural leaders who are able to inspire others to reach their goals.

The name Altair has been used throughout history in literature and art. In Greek mythology, it was the name of a giant eagle that carried Zeus’s thunderbolts. In Islamic tradition, it was the name of a horse ridden by Muhammad during his night journey from Mecca to Jerusalem. In modern times, it has been used as a character name in books such as The Hunger Games trilogy and Harry Potter series.


Altair is not a particularly common name in the United States; according to Social Security Administration data from 2019, it ranked #7,845 out of all baby names given that year. However, its popularity has been steadily increasing over the past few years.

In other countries around the world, Altair is more popular. In France, for example, it was the 39th most popular baby boy’s name in 2018. In Spain, it was the 24th most popular baby boy’s name in 2017.


Altair can also be spelled Altaïr or Altayr. There are also several variations of the name including Altaer, Altaire, Altayre and Altayir.

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