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Alvíss is a Norse name that has its roots in Old Norse mythology. The name is derived from the Old Norse word alvíss, which means “all-wise” or “all-knowing”. It was used as a title for Odin, the chief god of the Norse pantheon.

In modern times, Alvíss is still a popular name in Scandinavia and other parts of Europe. It is often seen as a strong and wise name, with many parents choosing it for their sons. The name can also be seen as a symbol of wisdom and knowledge.

Origin and History

The origin of the name Alvíss dates back to the Viking Age. In Old Norse mythology, Alvíss was a dwarf who was said to possess great wisdom and knowledge. He was known for his ability to answer any question posed to him by gods or mortals alike.

In one story, Alvíss challenged Thor to a contest of wits. Thor accepted the challenge and asked Alvíss questions about various topics such as history, geography, and science. After answering all of Thor’s questions correctly, Alvíss was granted permission to marry Thor’s daughter Thrud.

The name Alvíss has been used in Scandinavia since at least the 12th century. It has also been found in records from England dating back to the 16th century. In recent years, it has become increasingly popular in other parts of Europe as well.


Alvíss is not currently among the top 100 most popular names in any country. However, it is still relatively common in Scandinavia and other parts of Europe. In Sweden, it ranked #717 out of 1,000 most popular names in 2019.

Famous People Named Alvíss

There are no famous people named Alvíss today. However, there have been several notable figures throughout history who have borne this name. These include:

  • Alvíss Þorsteinsson, an Icelandic poet from the 13th century.
  • Alvíss Jónsson, an Icelandic farmer from the 17th century.
  • Alvíss Einarsson, an Icelandic politician from the 19th century.

Variations of the Name

The name Alvíss can be spelled in several different ways depending on where it is used. Some common variations include Alvis, Alwis, Alwiss, Alwyss, and Alwys.

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