Alyx – Name Meaning

Alyx is a unisex name of Greek origin, derived from the name Alexander. It is a variant spelling of Alex, which means “defender of mankind”. The name Alyx has been popular in recent years, and is often seen as a modern alternative to the more traditional Alex.

History and Origin

The name Alyx is derived from the Greek name Alexander, which was originally derived from the Greek word “alexein” meaning “to defend” or “to help”. The name Alexander was popularized by Alexander the Great, who was one of the most successful military commanders in history. He conquered much of the known world during his reign, and his legacy has endured for centuries.

The name Alyx first appeared in English-speaking countries in the late 19th century. It was initially used as a nickname for Alexander, but eventually became an independent given name. In recent years, it has become increasingly popular as a unisex name.


Alyx is currently ranked #845 on Nameberry’s list of most popular baby names in 2020. It is also ranked #1,919 on the Social Security Administration’s list of most popular baby names in 2019. This makes it one of the more popular unisex names in recent years.

Famous People Named Alyx

There are several famous people who have been given the name Alyx, including:

  • Alyx Vance – protagonist of the video game Half-Life 2
  • Alyxandra Beaton – Canadian actress and singer
  • Alyx Vesey – American actor and model
  • Alyx Winters – British singer-songwriter

Variations of Alyx

The name Alyx can also be spelled in various ways, such as Alix, Allix, Alixe, Allixe, Alixandra, Allixandra, etc. These variations are all pronounced similarly to Alyx.

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