Ambroos – Name Meaning

The name Ambroos is of Latin origin and is derived from the Latin word “ambrosius”, which means “immortal”. It is a masculine given name that has been used in various cultures throughout history. The name Ambroos has been popularized by the Christian saint Ambrose of Milan, who was an influential bishop in the 4th century.

History and Origin

The name Ambroos has its roots in ancient Rome, where it was used as a personal name for men. It was also used as a title for Roman emperors, such as Marcus Aurelius Ambrosius Augustus. In the Middle Ages, the name became associated with Saint Ambrose of Milan, who was an influential bishop in the 4th century. He was known for his strong defense of Christianity against Arianism and other heresies. His writings were highly influential in the development of Christian theology.

The name Ambroos has been popularized by many famous people throughout history, including the French writer Ambroise Pare and the Italian composer Ambrogio Caccini. It is also a popular choice among parents today, especially those looking for a unique and meaningful name for their child.


The name Ambroos is not particularly common in the United States or other English-speaking countries. However, it does appear on lists of popular baby names in some European countries, such as Italy and France. In Italy, it ranked at number 545 on the list of most popular baby names in 2019.

In terms of its meaning, Ambroos is a powerful and meaningful choice for parents looking to give their child a unique and special name. Its association with Saint Ambrose makes it a great choice for families with strong religious beliefs.

By Ava Isabella Hartley

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