Andrey – Name Meaning

Andrey is a masculine given name of Russian origin. It is derived from the Greek name Andreas, which means “manly” or “strong”. The name has been popular in Russia since the Middle Ages and is still widely used today.

The name Andrey is often associated with strength and courage. It can also be seen as a symbol of leadership and ambition. People named Andrey are often seen as reliable and dependable, with a strong sense of justice and loyalty.


The name Andrey has been popular in Russia since the Middle Ages. It was first recorded in the 11th century as Andrei, which was later shortened to Andrey. The name was borne by several prominent figures in Russian history, including Grand Prince Andrey Bogolyubsky (1157-1174) and Tsar Andrey II (1238-1263).

In the 19th century, the name became more widespread due to its use by writers such as Fyodor Dostoevsky and Leo Tolstoy. In modern times, it remains one of the most popular names in Russia.


Andrey is a very popular name in Russia, where it ranks among the top 10 most common names for boys. It is also popular in other Slavic countries such as Ukraine and Belarus. In the United States, it is less common but still ranks among the top 1,000 baby names.

Famous People Named Andrey

There are many famous people who have been given the name Andrey, including:

  • Andrey Arshavin, Russian footballer
  • Andrey Rublev, Russian tennis player
  • Andrey Tarkovsky, Russian filmmaker
  • Andrey Vorontsevich, Russian basketball player

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