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The name Anselm is of German origin and is derived from the Old German words “ans” meaning “God” and “helm” meaning “helmet” or “protection.” The name Anselm is a combination of these two words, and it can be translated to mean “God’s protection.”

Anselm has been used as a given name since the Middle Ages, when it was popular among the nobility in Germany. It was also used by several saints, including Saint Anselm of Canterbury, who was an 11th-century archbishop and theologian. In recent years, the name has become more popular in the United States.


The name Anselm carries with it a sense of strength and protection. It symbolizes faith in God and His ability to protect us from harm. It also conveys a sense of courage and determination, as well as a strong sense of loyalty.


Anselm is not a particularly common name in the United States, but it has seen some popularity in recent years. According to Social Security Administration data, the name ranked at #1,845 on the list of most popular baby names in 2019. This ranking indicates that while Anselm may not be one of the most popular names in America today, it is still relatively well-known.

Famous People Named Anselm

There are several famous people who have been given the name Anselm throughout history. These include:

  • Saint Anselm of Canterbury: A 11th-century archbishop and theologian who wrote several influential works on theology.
  • Ansel Adams: A 20th-century American photographer known for his iconic black-and-white landscape photographs.
  • Ansel Elgort: A 21st-century American actor best known for his roles in films such as The Fault in Our Stars and Baby Driver.

Use In Literature

The name Anselm has been used in literature since at least the Middle Ages. One example is Geoffrey Chaucer’s 14th-century poem The Canterbury Tales, which features a character named Sir Anselme. In modern literature, the name appears in books such as J.R.R Tolkien’s The Lord of the Rings series (in which there is a character named Ansereg) and C.S Lewis’ Chronicles of Narnia series (in which there is a character named Aslan).

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