Antonie – Name Meaning

The name Antonie is of Latin origin and is derived from the Roman family name Antonius. It is a variant of Anthony, which means “priceless one” or “invaluable”. The name has been popular in Europe since the Middle Ages and was borne by several saints, including St. Anthony of Padua.

History and Origin

The name Antonie is believed to have originated from the Roman family name Antonius, which was derived from the Latin word “antonius” meaning “invaluable” or “priceless one”. The name was popularized by the 4th century saint, St. Anthony of Padua, who was known for his miracles and preaching. The popularity of the name spread throughout Europe during the Middle Ages and it remains a popular choice today.


Antonie is a popular name in many countries around the world. In France, it is currently ranked as the 39th most popular name for boys, while in Germany it is ranked at number 32. In the United States, it is not as common but still ranks within the top 1000 names for boys.

Famous People Named Antonie

There are many famous people who have been given the name Antonie over the years. Some notable examples include: French actor Antoine de Caunes; Dutch footballer Antoine van der Linden; German composer Johann Sebastian Bach; American actor Anthony Edwards; and British singer-songwriter Antony Hegarty.

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