Armazi – Name Meaning

Armazi is a name of Georgian origin, derived from the ancient city of Armaztsikhe. The name is believed to have originated in the 4th century BC, when the city was founded by King Parnavaz I of Iberia. The meaning of the name Armazi is “fortress” or “citadel”, and it has been used as a given name for centuries.

The name Armazi is associated with strength and protection. It is often given to children born into families that have a long history of protecting their homeland. In some cases, it may be given to children who are expected to carry on the family legacy of defending their country.

Armazi is also associated with courage and bravery. It is seen as a symbol of courage and strength in times of adversity. People with this name are often seen as natural leaders who are willing to take risks and stand up for what they believe in.


The symbolism behind the name Armazi is one of strength and protection. It is believed that those who bear this name will be blessed with courage and fortitude in times of difficulty. They will be able to stand up for what they believe in and protect those around them.

The name Armazi also carries a sense of pride and honor. Those who bear this name are seen as having a strong sense of loyalty and duty towards their family, friends, and country. They are expected to uphold the values that their ancestors fought for.


Armazi is not a particularly common name in modern times, but it has been used throughout history. It was popular among royalty during the Middle Ages, especially in Georgia where it was used by many kings and princes. Today, it remains popular among Georgian families who want to honor their heritage.

Armazi is also gaining popularity outside of Georgia due to its strong symbolism and meaning. Many parents are drawn to its positive connotations and choose it as a meaningful way to honor their heritage.

By Ava Isabella Hartley

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