Asger – Name Meaning

Asger is a Scandinavian name derived from the Old Norse elements “ans” meaning “god” and “garðr” meaning “enclosure, yard, or farm.” The name is most commonly found in Denmark, Norway, and Sweden. It is also used in other countries such as Germany, France, and the United States.

Origin of Asger

The origin of the name Asger can be traced back to the Old Norse language. In Old Norse, the name was spelled Ásgarðr which translates to “enclosure of the gods.” This was likely a reference to Valhalla, the hall of the gods in Norse mythology. The name was later adapted into Danish and Swedish as Asger.

Popularity of Asger

Asger is not a particularly popular name in any country. In Denmark, it ranked #1,845 in 2019 with only 11 babies given the name that year. In Norway, it ranked #1,919 with only 8 babies given the name that year. In Sweden, it ranked #1,717 with only 15 babies given the name that year.

Famous People Named Asger

There are not many famous people named Asger but there are some notable individuals who have this name. One example is Asger Jorn (1914-1973), a Danish painter and sculptor who was part of the CoBrA art movement. Another example is Asger Hamerik (1843-1923), a Danish composer who wrote several operas and symphonies.

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