Aurelijus – Name Meaning

Aurelijus is a masculine given name of Latin origin. It is derived from the Roman family name Aurelius, which was itself derived from the Latin word aureus meaning “golden” or “glorious”. The name has been popular in Europe since the Middle Ages and is still used today.

History and Origin

The name Aurelijus is believed to have originated in ancient Rome, where it was used as a family name by members of the Aurelius clan. The clan was one of the most powerful families in Rome during the Republic period, and its members included several prominent figures such as Marcus Aurelius, who served as Emperor of Rome from 161 to 180 AD. The name was also used by other notable figures throughout history, including Pope Gregory VII (1020-1085) and Saint Augustine of Hippo (354-430).


Aurelijus has been a popular name in Europe since the Middle Ages. It has been particularly popular in Lithuania, where it is currently ranked as the 11th most popular male name. In other countries, such as Germany and Austria, it is less common but still widely used. In the United States, it is not among the top 1000 names.


Aurelijus can be spelled in various ways depending on the language or country. Common variations include Aurelio (Italian), Aurélie (French), Aurèle (French), Orelio (Spanish), Orélio (Portuguese), and Orelius (German).

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