Baadur – Name Meaning

The name Baadur is of Mongolian origin and is derived from the word “baatar”, which means “hero”. It is a popular name in Mongolia and other parts of Central Asia, and it has been used as a given name for centuries. The name Baadur carries with it a sense of strength, courage, and bravery.


The name Baadur has its roots in the ancient Mongolian culture. In the 13th century, Genghis Khan united the nomadic tribes of Mongolia under his rule and established the Mongol Empire. He was known for his courage and strength, and he was often referred to as “the Great Khan” or “the Hero”. As such, the name Baadur became associated with these qualities.

In modern times, the name Baadur is still popular in Mongolia and other parts of Central Asia. It is also used by people of Mongolian descent living in other countries around the world. The name is often given to boys born into families that have a strong connection to their Mongolian heritage.


The name Baadur is not particularly common outside of Mongolia and other parts of Central Asia. However, it does appear on baby naming websites from time to time. According to one website, the name was ranked #1,845 in popularity among baby boys born in the United States in 2019.

Famous People Named Baadur

There are several famous people who have been given the name Baadur over the years. One example is Baadur Jobava, a Georgian chess grandmaster who won multiple international tournaments throughout his career. Another example is Baadur Tsulukidze, an Olympic weightlifter from Georgia who won gold medals at both the 2008 Summer Olympics and 2012 Summer Olympics.

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