Bearach – Name Meaning

The name Bearach is of Irish origin and is derived from the Gaelic word “bearach”, which means “spear”. It is a masculine given name that has been used in Ireland since at least the 12th century. The name is associated with strength and courage, as it was often given to warriors and leaders.

Origin of the Name Bearach

The name Bearach is believed to have originated in Ireland during the 12th century. It was a popular name among warriors and leaders, as it was thought to bring strength and courage to those who bore it. The name was also used by some families as a surname, although this practice has become less common in recent years.

Popularity of the Name Bearach

The name Bearach has remained relatively uncommon throughout its history. In recent years, however, it has seen a slight increase in popularity due to its strong associations with strength and courage. It is still not a particularly common name, but it is slowly gaining recognition.

Famous People Named Bearach

There are no famous people named Bearach, but there are several notable figures who have borne similar names. These include: Brian Boru (10th century High King of Ireland), Niall of the Nine Hostages (5th century High King of Ireland), and Cormac mac Airt (legendary 3rd century High King of Ireland).

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