Belinda – Name Meaning

The name Belinda is of Latin origin and means “beautiful” or “lovely one.” It is a popular name for girls in many countries, including the United States, Canada, Australia, and the United Kingdom. The name has been used since the 18th century and has become increasingly popular over time.

History of the Name

The name Belinda first appeared in literature in 1712 when it was used as the title of a poem by Alexander Pope. The poem tells the story of a beautiful woman who is courted by two men. The poem was very popular at the time and helped to make the name Belinda more widely known. Since then, it has been used in various works of literature, including novels, plays, and films.

In addition to its literary roots, Belinda is also associated with several saints. Saint Belinda was an early Christian martyr who died in the 4th century AD. She is often depicted as a young woman with a halo around her head. Another saint named Belinda lived during the Middle Ages and was known for her piety and devotion to God.


Belinda has been a popular name for girls since the 18th century. In recent years, it has become even more popular due to its association with celebrities such as singer Belinda Carlisle and actress Belinda Montgomery. In 2020, it ranked #717 on the list of most popular baby girl names in the United States.


Belinda can be shortened to Bella or Linda, or combined with other names to create unique variations such as Bellina or Lindabelle. Other variations include Bellinde, Bellinna, Belenda, and Belindra.

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