Berendina: Meaning of the Name

Berendina is a feminine given name of Dutch origin. The name Berendina is derived from the Germanic elements “beren” meaning “bear” and “dina” meaning “judgment” or “decision”. It can be translated to mean “strong-willed bear” or “one who makes wise decisions”.

The name Berendina has been in use since the Middle Ages, when it was popular among Dutch families. It has also been used as a surname in some cases. In recent years, the name has become more popular in other countries, such as the United States.


The symbolism associated with the name Berendina is that of strength and wisdom. The bear is a symbol of strength and courage, while the element “dina” suggests wisdom and good judgment. This combination of traits makes Berendina an ideal name for someone who is strong-willed and wise.

The name Berendina also carries a sense of protection and security. Bears are known for their protective nature, so this could be seen as a sign that those named Berendina will always have someone looking out for them.


Berendina is not a particularly common name in the United States, but it does appear on lists of popular baby names from time to time. In 2020, it ranked at #7,845 on the Social Security Administration’s list of most popular baby girl names.

In other countries, such as the Netherlands, Belgium, Germany, and Austria, the name Berendina is much more common. It is often seen as a traditional Dutch name that has been passed down through generations.

Famous People Named Berendina

There are several famous people who have been given the name Berendina over the years. One notable example is Dutch actress Berendina Scholten (1917-2009), who starred in several films during her career.

Another famous person with this name is Belgian singer-songwriter Berendina van den Berg (born 1985). She has released several albums and singles throughout her career and has won numerous awards for her music.

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