Berrak – Meaning and Origin

Berrak is a Turkish name meaning “clear” or “bright.” It is derived from the Turkish word berrak, which means “clear” or “bright.” The name is often used as a given name for both boys and girls in Turkey.

History of the Name Berrak

The name Berrak has been used in Turkey since at least the 16th century. It was popularized by the Ottoman Empire, which ruled much of the region from 1299 to 1922. During this time, many names were adopted from other cultures, including Arabic, Persian, and Greek. The name Berrak was likely adopted from one of these languages.

The name Berrak has also been used in other countries, such as Azerbaijan and Iran. In Azerbaijan, it is spelled Bərək and is a unisex name. In Iran, it is spelled Barak and is primarily used as a male name.

Popularity of the Name Berrak

Berrak is not a particularly common name in the United States. According to Social Security Administration data, there were only 11 babies born with the name Berrak in 2019. However, it is more popular in Turkey, where it ranked as the 545th most popular baby boy’s name in 2018.

Famous People Named Berrak

There are few famous people named Berrak. One notable example is Turkish actress Berrak Tüzünataç, who has appeared in several films and television shows since her debut in 2003. She has also won several awards for her work.

Another famous person named Berrak is Turkish singer-songwriter Berkay Şahin. He released his first album in 2008 and has since become one of Turkey’s most successful pop stars.

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