What is the Meaning of the Name Birgit?

The name Birgit is a feminine given name of Germanic origin. It is derived from the Old Norse elements “birg” meaning “help” and “gautr” meaning “God”. The name can be translated to mean “God’s helper” or “God’s protection”.

Birgit is a popular name in Scandinavia, particularly in Sweden and Norway. It has also been used in other countries such as Germany, Austria, and the Netherlands. In the United States, it is not as common but still has some presence.


Birgit is not a very popular name in the United States. According to Social Security Administration data, it was ranked at #7,845 in 2019. This makes it one of the least popular names for girls born that year.

In contrast, Birgit is much more popular in Scandinavian countries. In Sweden, it was ranked at #90 in 2019 and in Norway it was ranked at #97. It is also quite popular in Germany where it was ranked at #127.

Famous People Named Birgit

There are several famous people who have been given the name Birgit. One of them is Birgit Nilsson, a Swedish opera singer who was considered one of the greatest sopranos of all time. She won two Grammy Awards during her career and performed at many prestigious venues around the world.

Another famous person with this name is Birgit Fischer, an East German kayaker who won eight Olympic gold medals during her career. She is considered one of the most successful female athletes of all time.

Finally, there is Birgit Schrowange, a German television presenter who has hosted several shows on German television since 1982. She has also appeared on various magazine covers and acted in several films.

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