The Meaning of the Name Brock

The name Brock is of English origin and is derived from the Old English word “broc”, which means badger. It is also a surname that originated in England and Scotland. The name has been used as both a first name and a surname since the Middle Ages.

Brock is a strong, masculine name that conveys strength and courage. It is often associated with the image of a brave warrior or leader. The name can also be seen as a symbol of protection and loyalty.


Brock has been steadily increasing in popularity over the past few decades. In 2020, it was the 545th most popular boys’ name in the United States, according to Social Security Administration data. It was also one of the top 500 names for boys in England and Wales in 2019.

Famous People Named Brock

There are many famous people who have been given the name Brock, including:

  • Brock Lesnar, an American professional wrestler and mixed martial artist
  • Brock Pemberton, an American theater producer who won a Tony Award for producing “You Can’t Take It With You”
  • Brock Adams, an American politician who served as Secretary of Transportation under President Jimmy Carter
  • Brock Osweiler, an American football quarterback who currently plays for the Cleveland Browns
  • Brock Little, an American big wave surfer who was inducted into the Surfing Walk of Fame in 2011
  • Brock Boeser, a Canadian ice hockey player who currently plays for the Vancouver Canucks.


The name Brock is strong, masculine, and conveys strength and courage. It has become increasingly popular over recent years, and there are many famous people with this name. Whether you are looking for a unique baby name or just want to know more about its meaning, Brock is definitely worth considering.

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