The Meaning of the Name Brook

The name Brook is of English origin and is derived from the Old English word “broc”, which means “stream”. It can also be used as a surname, and is often associated with water or nature.

History and Origin

The name Brook has been in use since the Middle Ages, when it was used to refer to a small stream or brook. It was also used as a surname, and was popularized by the famous English poet Lord Byron, who wrote about a brook in his poem “Childe Harold’s Pilgrimage”. The name has become increasingly popular in recent years, especially in the United States.


Brook is currently ranked as the 545th most popular name for girls in the United States. It has seen an increase in popularity over the past few decades, and is now one of the top 1000 names for girls. It is also popular in other countries such as Australia, Canada, England, Scotland, and Wales.

Famous People Named Brook

There are several famous people who have been given the name Brook. These include: American actress Brooke Shields; British singer-songwriter Brooke Fraser; American model Brooke Burke; American actress Brooke Adams; and American singer-songwriter Brooke White.

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